Wednesday, 7 May 2014

NYC Ishbel

Three years ago when I went to New York, I visited the Yarn Company. I bought one skein of lovely, 100% silk scarf, and made Ysolda's Ishbel. It's one of my favourite patterns! Even though my favourite scarf developed a hole in it, I didn't think about the Ishbel I made out of the Chaiten yarn by Araucania. It sat for almost three years, waiting to be blocked.
Well finally, I blocked it! I am a bit lazy when it comes to blocking, I just eyeballed it without using a tape measure and measuring it out properly.
No matter, the lace effect is just gorgeous.
Because it's 100% silk, it was dry after only a couple of hours.
Lovely! A new Ishbel! And just in time, because I leave for New York again tonight! Me and the hubby are taking the red eye and spending 5 glorious days in the big apple!!

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