Thursday, 3 March 2011

March Giveaway

It's March! St. Patty's Day is coming up! I'm giving away this green piggie!
This is one of the 4 remaining dudes from my Angry Birds basket. The rest went to happy homes. So, you wanna win this piggie? If so, leave a comment here (NOT on Facebook or Twitter) or become a follower (it's over there on the right-hand side) and you'll be entered to win. If you already ARE a follower, do nothing - you're already entered! If you want another ballot in the batch, go ahead and write a comment here and I'll enter you twice (sorry folks, two entries max). I'll pick a comment randomly and figure out a way to get the Helmut Piggie to you. Here's the question to answer:

Do you knit or crochet?

You have until Monday, March  7 @ 10 pm (PST) to enter. Good luck!


  1. I do not knit or crochet, but I did try it once, and made a VERY small hat. I don't think I cast-on enough!

  2. I don't! I bake. And I want me the matching set ;)

  3. In the 9th grade I was asked to stay after sewing class. Ms. Ho (and don't think we didn't all go crazy with that), my teacher, said to me
    "Jennifer, are you a good singer?"
    "I guess so..." replied 9th grade Jen Doan.
    "because you're not a good sewer, and I will pass you if you promise to never take sewing again."

    And I never did...