Thursday, 26 November 2015

Purple hats

I got another donation from my dear friend Colleen, who gave me some vintage yarn earlier this year. This time she dropped off a bag of stuffing, both polyfill and quilt batting, that I can always find uses for. She asked for a purple hat in return: something warm, to cover her ears, so that she could wear it during an upcoming trip to Toronto. She can't wear wool against her skin, so I found some purple acrylic yarn, and whipped up not one, but TWO hats for her.
I knit her this newsboy hat, that I love to make. I did one extra repeat of the cable pattern, so it's nice and pouffy in the back.
Then I crocheted her a bucket hat, that I had pinned on Pinterest a long time ago. I didn't use this pattern because I had the wrong size hook and yarn. But I love how the button looked, and the shape of the hat overall.
I hope Colleen like them and she stays warm in Toronto!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Bear Blankie

I got a new crafting too last week, Kay's Crochet skip blade. It's a rotary tool attachment that pokes holes into fabric so you can add a crocheted edge. It's WONDERFUL!

I went out to Fabric Land and got some flannel blankets.
Then I poked some holes into this bear blankie, and crocheted an edge on to it. Then I found this guy...
And gave him a matching bowtie. I think it will make for a nice gift for a new baby. I am obsessed with this skip blade, I love it! Now I have to get a whole new stash of flannel fabrics!

Monday, 23 November 2015

Lunch at the Perch

Our co-worker treated us to lunch at the Perch, the new restaurant on the top floor of the new UBC sub. It was still being built when I last wandered through. But now it's up and running, and it's very fancy in there!
We had a couple of appies:
Pate and some flat bread with a lovely bean dip.
I had the duck entree with lentils. It was yummy, especially the crisp skin!
Then we shared two desserts. So naughty, I know! One was a deconstructed lemon meringue, with blueberries from the UBC farm.
The other was an earl grey chocolate cake. That yellow dollop is a refreshing scoop of sorbet. Delish.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Fist signs of Christmas

Have you been to the malls recently? They are in full Christmas mode already!
I saw my first signs of Christmas. We had a carolling gig singing at a mall out in Langley. It was lots of fun and got me into the holiday spirit nice and early.
But our "green room" was this empty Target store. It was so strange to be such a huge, empty space.
And another sign of Christmas: winter weather is upon us. it's been so clear and crisp and cold out lately. I caught the crescent moon poking around some tree branches in the clear, November sky.

Thursday, 19 November 2015


I forgot to tell you about Funkifize! It's a new funk band, comprised mainly of band members who played in Hairspray this past summer. They had such a great time, they decided to form a band. And they're GOOD. I get to sing a few tunes with them, how cool!

This is a shot of the rehearsal room:
And look, we had our first gig! It was more of a teaser, just a 20 minute set that we did for a fundraiser. It was fun, 4 songs all together and me and the hubbie sang on 2 of them together (he sang one on his own, and the last one was all music).
There are 8 hunky men, one sassy lady on bass, and me. It's super fun and I hope we get to do more gigs soon!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Santa bear heads

I like making small objects sometimes. It helps contrast with all the blankets I make, which take me a long time. It's nice to finish a project in an hour!
Here are some bear heads. I attached a loop and a Santa hat, so that they can be used as ornaments. They'll go in the "for sale" pile for the Kensington Craft Fair next month :)