Friday, 26 June 2015

Izzy Girls pattern

Awhile ago, I posted about the Comfort Dolls I make based on the Izzy pattern, here. I stockpile a bunch, then send them off to get packaged up with medical supplies in developing countries. I have had a couple requests on how I make the girl dolls, so I jotted down some notes, which I will share here. I haven't had any feedback on if they turn out okay for any other knitters, so if you do knit one, please let me know if the pattern needs corrections or clarification. Here ya go:

Izzy Girls:

Worked back and forth over 5mm/US 8 needles
Red Heart solids

Colour 1:
CO 32
Work 4 rows st st

Change to Colour 2:
K 8, k2tog, CO 2, K 16, CO 2, K 8 (36 sts)
K 7, k2tog, K 18, k2tog, K 7 (34 sts)
K 7, k2tog, K 16, k2tog, K 7 (32 sts)
Work 8 rows st st

Change to Colour 3:
Work 10 rows st st
[K 5, k2tog] x 4, K 4 (28 sts)

Change to Colour 4:
Work 2 rows st st
[K 5, kfb in next st] x 5. k 4 (32 sts)
purl one row
Work 4 rows st st

Change to Colour 5:
Work rows 5 to 11 as written:

Finish as written

I cut lengths of hair with Colour 1 and used a crochet hook to place them along the doll's hairline. Then I gathered them up into pony tails.

Thursday, 25 June 2015


I was introduced to the latest toy trendy last weekend - I think they are called Shopkins. It's just a set of teenie food and household items in a wee basket.
Introduced to me by this teenie human!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Run and Tell That!

We are just about to move from rehearsals to tech week for Hairspray at TUTS. There's a line in the song "Run and Tell That," which is sung by the character Seaweed, that goes like this:

"The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice."

It's an awesome song! And look, I found this in the May edition of Canadian Living - it's a page where people share household tips and wisdom from over the years. It reads:

"The darker the skin, the sweeter the taste."

Worlds. Colliding. Boom!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Another Tour

There are so many new spaces going up around campus, including the Alumni Centre, which I toured last month.
We also got a tour of the new Student Union Building, which is already open. Some spots have been open for a few weeks now, and other spots they are still putting the finishing touches on. I think everything will be done by September, in time for the back to school rush. 

Look, the grassy knoll is still outside!
And this is a blackbox theatre, hanging in the middle of the building. Very cool!

Monday, 22 June 2015


Happy belated father's day to all the fab dads out there, including my pops:
I think I get my smile from him!

Friday, 19 June 2015

MORE new glasses!

I am addicted to buying glasses! The ones I bought a couple weeks back are a bit tight on my large head. I had a coupon to use, so I just went online and ordered another pair. This is the feature Clearly Contacts has, where you can upload a picture of yourself and use the "try on" view. I used my headshot:
And they arrived a week later! SO quick and easy!
I also ordered the clip on sunglasses thingy for another $35. They fit well and are nice and light. I have been getting compliments on them too, so YAY!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

More apples

My little apple tree is starting to yield fruit again. It was a big hit with my family last year, so let's hope this year's harvest is equally as good, so I can make this again!