Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Gulf of Georgia Cannery

Our weekend excursion this week was to the Gulf of Georgia Cannery in lovely Steveston.
This was a running them in the cannery - how stinky and loud it was to work there!
CK listening to a first-hand account of one of the workers:
Awesome pics of some of the workers. The cannery employed women and different ethnicities like First Nations, Chinese and Japanese workers.
Display of the big ass boiler!
View off the dock, where they dropped all the fish off.
The canning line! Up goes the salmon...
and down goes the salmon. They packed herring too.
We watched a very informative 15-minute movie about the history of the cannery in their little theatre.
Here's Indiana Jones on a fishing boat! (Not really.)
And CK outside, posing with some of the workers. More on cannery workers in tomorrow's blog post.
Before visiting the Cannery we had brunch at the Flying Beaver. We tried going there one night for dinner and drinks, but it was jam packed! Brunch was lovely, and there's a great view too. We are really enjoying our weekend excursions and being tourists in our own town!

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