Thursday, 23 May 2013

Cannery Mermaids

Last weekend we went to the Gulf of Georgia Cannery and learned lots of new stuff, but I had done a bit of research on the cannery before, for a gig I was doing at the Richmond Maritime Festival. I've done this gig for the past two years now, and it's great fun. The event took place in August for the past two years, and was a blend of tourism and history for the Steveston area. The Cannery played a big part in their economy, so they wanted some representation. The idea they came up with was Singing Cannery Mermaids! They've lived on land for a long time - working in the cannery, enchanting people with their songs - but long to return to the sea.
Our costume designer did an awesome job at recreating the uniforms of the cannery ladies from the 40s.
Here she is, a cannery worker:
And here we are, the Singing Cannery Mermaids! We had a LOT of comments on our cans (can't imagine why!) but despite that, the gig is so much fun to do. We have 4 or 5 songs prepared about the sea and the hard working life we live. I especially love our tails and head scarves. 

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