Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Knitted Elephant or Crocheted Elephant?

My friends John and Nina had a baby girl - Asha! While they were here visiting in the summer, Nina mentioned she liked one of my stuffies - an elephant. But that elephant was grey and green - sort of a boy elephant. Once Asha arrived, I began making a girl elephant.

I can knit and crochet, but I generally crochet my stuffies. I dunno why, they seem to have more substance and it's easier for me to manipulate small pieces if I'm crocheting. But finished knitted objects look so nice and smooth and soft. So I decided to make one of each. I had scribbled up a pattern for the crocheted pink elephant, and I made the knitted white elephant as I went along. Which do you like better?

I'm a pink crocheted elephant - do you like me?
I'm a white knitted elephant - whaddya think of me?

Leave your vote in the comments and I'll send the winner to Baby Asha. Of course, if no one comments, then I'll just pick from the two myself!


  1. You know I like the crochet one the best. I have always liked them the best

  2. I think the knitted white elephant is the best! They are both super cute though.

  3. the white knitted one!!! (I've spent the last 10 minutes trying to decide) Owen and Gwen LOVED their hippo and dog. Owen named his robot dog and was continually 'winding' it up by it's tail! thanks Jenn!