Sunday, 2 January 2011

Send stuffing!

Yesterday we watched How to Train Your Dragon, which was so cute. I made this guy as I was watching:

He's made out of Red Heart acrylic yarn and there's wee bell inside him so he jingles. I needle felted a bit of colored roving on to him for a beak and swirly feather for the top of his head. I started making more, but I ran out of polyfill stuffing! I swear, these come in huge bags and I just bought two of them not too long ago. I have been a bit of a knitting/crocheting fiend these days, so I'm all out. I walked to the mall near my house but they gots no stuffin'. Send stuffing my way - these yarn piles are waiting to be turned into birdies!

1 comment:

  1. Will send stuffing in exchange for birds (or robots)... Meet behind the dumpster by the Champlain Plaza... Come alone (except for birds and/or robots)...