Monday, 13 March 2017

NYC Day 5

It's Monday in the big apple. This is the day we started hearing about the impending blizzard and storm that would be hitting the east coast. It was so bad that our friend Julie caught an earlier flight home to Toronto, so she wouldn't get stuck. It was hard to believe because it was such a gorgeous day.
We walk through Central Park.
And posed with some famous statues and fountains.
And then we went to the Met! I love this place!
CK loves the Egyptians.

And I love the Greeks!

We both love the paintings.

Doesn't this look like something out a movie, an artist at work?
They had a Seurat exhibition on.
It was the closest we got to Sunday in the Park with George.
Look at the blue sky! How can a blizzard be on the way?!
We stopped and had a coffee at a little place in Central Park on our way back to the hotel. We had to have a soda, because they couldn't make any coffee - their pipes had frozen over. Okay, maybe that's a sign of the blizzard on the way.
Tonight's show was Miss Saigon!
This was the only show we bought before leaving Vancouver. We used the TodayTix app for a $55 ticket, but they added a $12.50 surcharge to each ticket - ouch!
No matter, it was AMAZING. It was in one of the biggest theatres in the city, the Broadway Theatre, where I saw Sister act in 2011.
Get this: there is a very famous helicopter scene about half way through Act 2. There is a REAL helicopter that lands on stage and then takes off again. It's high drama, with the ensemble downstage all trying to get on board before the American GIs take off without them, and the character of Chris searching for Kim. It was so tense and well done, and then - they stopped the show! They announced having technical difficulties and told the audience - over 1700 of us, it was a full house - to sit tight and wait. They were still in previews at the time and again, it's a huge technical sequence. I timed it - 7 minutes passed and they were back at it. Cleared the stage, cleared the ensemble and reset for the next scene. It was amazing, Broadway at its finest.
Phew, we earned our sleep tonight, over 15,000 steps!

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