Tuesday, 14 March 2017

NYC Day 6

Ok, they weren't joking around with the blizzard warnings. The rain, sleet, snow started overnight and the city is covered. It's a lot less than they had anticipated for Manhattan, at least, but it's still pretty bad. All flights in/out of New York have been cancelled. ALL of them. Yikes!
Our flight was moved with plenty of notice. So we managed to book another night at the hotel we were in, and also managed to catch a bit more of the city.
Amy took us to the Stardust Diner.
The wait staff serve you AND sing! They were swamped in there, since many people couldn't get into the city because of the snow.
Look, I finished my pink hat so me and the hubs are matchy-matchy!
The city still had a lot of people in it, but almost no car traffic. It was weird. Lots of snow plows and things though, making it impossible to cross the streets around big snow banks. It was a soggy mess, but magical at the same time - snowing in NYC!
We thought we might be able to get in the cancellation line for Hamilton or Dear Evan Hansen. But alas, everyone else had the same idea and there were line ups around the block. So we booked a ticket for Amelie ($59)!
Went back to the hotel to warm up a bit, and then went to a place called Latitude for happy hour before the show.
Amelie was very whimsical and charming, a lot like the movie. Phillipa Soo was perfect. It was another show, like Waitress, that had all sorts of diversity on stage, which was great to see: old, young, black, white. We didn't recognize the composers, but the music was very good and catchy. It's another show that's 100 minutes no intermission, and we thought it could have been whittled down a bit more to maybe 90 or 95 minutes. That could have been us though, exhausted from trading through the snow all day. It was still in previews so who knows, it might be tweaked a bit more. The theatre emptied out the side audience boxes and put the orchestra in each box, so it was cool to watch them up close. All in all, a really solid "extra" show that we got to see because of the blizzard!

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