Thursday, 19 November 2015


I forgot to tell you about Funkifize! It's a new funk band, comprised mainly of band members who played in Hairspray this past summer. They had such a great time, they decided to form a band. And they're GOOD. I get to sing a few tunes with them, how cool!

This is a shot of the rehearsal room:
And look, we had our first gig! It was more of a teaser, just a 20 minute set that we did for a fundraiser. It was fun, 4 songs all together and me and the hubbie sang on 2 of them together (he sang one on his own, and the last one was all music).
There are 8 hunky men, one sassy lady on bass, and me. It's super fun and I hope we get to do more gigs soon!

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