Monday, 1 June 2015

Sunny Walks

The weather has just been gorgeous lately! It's great for strolling around town.
Here I am in East Van, close to the place we're rehearsing for Hairspray. I tried to take a picture to capture all the cotton blossoms floating around, but you can't really see. You can see the sun though!
And here is lovely Olympic Village.
Usually we are just stopping through for a coffee on our way to Renegade to rehearse, but we were able to sit and stroll last weekend. We saw a seal wading around in that water! And people in kayaks and lounging on the rocks. Vancouver really is a beautiful city.

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  1. You've been having some nice weather out west. It has been chilly and damp here for about 3 days, sure with the sun and warmth would come back.