Monday, 18 May 2015

Into the Woods Closing

Into the Woods has closed! It was such a great experience, and I'll be sad to see this one go. Here are the ladies of the small dressing room: Caroline (Cinderella), Sarah (The Witch), Tristan (Jack's Mom), and moi (Baker's Wife). I had some fun times with these ladies!
I'll miss being on stage with my hubby!
Here's the dressing room - wow it looks messy ;)
And me!
Here is CK and Jack, who played our narrator/son in the show. Like father like son - same shirts!
And I'll miss our ASM Andrew, making fireworks for the Witch every night.
I will NOT miss stressing out about my lines. I had them written on cue cards that I looked at every night, up until the very end.
Thank you Mr. Sondheim.

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