Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Seattle getaway

The past weekend, after Side by Side closed, me and Shawna jetted off to Seattle for a little mini getaway! She bought me this deal on Groopon for my Christmas present. As soon as we got into town on Sunday morning, we rushed over to the Fifth Avenue Theatre and caught their matinee performance of Carousel.
It was a co-pro between them and a dance company and it was absolutely amazing! The performances were SO good, and the design and direction of the show was just beautiful. Then add in the professional dancers and the music - You'll Never Walk Alone - gahh, we were sobbing by the end of it!!
We collected ourselves and then headed over to our hotel, which was very central, only a few blocks away from the theatre and right downtown.
And we had the pool and hot tub all to ourselves!
Which made us very happy! We caught up, had some wine, did some crocheting (well ok, just me), and chatted a lot!
Then we walked about 15 minutes down to the Pike Place Market area and had dinner at an Irish pub named Wells. Then we went across the street to the Pink Door and had an after-dinner wine, and dessert - and caught the last bit of an aerial act! It was so great. Much too short of a visit. We did have the next day to putter around the city, I'll post about that tomorrow...

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