Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Pike and yarn

Yesterday I blogged about me and Shawna's mini vacay over to Seattle. After seeing the show, eating, drinking and chilling in the hotel, we spent the next day at Pike Place Market.
It's a lot like Granville Island here in town - with so much to eat and smell and enjoy.
And the rain let up for us, we stayed dry all afternoon. Look at this lovely building! We passed by the original Starbucks and had some nice lunch on the water.
AND we visited So Much Yarn. It's a lovely shop, nice and central. The ladies inside were very friendly and helpful.
Walls of yarn, knitting needles and crochet hooks. I was in heaven!
This would be in my dream house: just shelves and shelves of yummy yarn.
They hold many classes in the store - wouldn't it be great to learn a new skill and have this for a view?
Shawna was not as excited as me. She had a mini snooze while I shopped. Ha! She's missing out on all the yarn!!

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