Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Same Boat Filming

What a great weekend! We filmed for "Same Boat", which we already did the music for. We were up in Whistler at this beautiful house on Alta Lake: 
Set dec transformed the house into The Overlook, the Bed & Breakfast where our leading lady lives.
It was a great bunch of crew and cast and I just had an awesome time!
The weather held up too. We only had about half an hour of rain all weekend and it didn't interrupt the shoot at all. This first day was hot and sunny, so I got lots of Vitamin D!
Here's my and my girlfriend Cathy - we played a musical lesbian couple :)
Here's our director David on the right, and our Director of Photography Kenneth at the camera. They were so great to work with!
And just LOOK how gorgeous the lake is:
Cathy did ALL the work while were in the boat. Seriously, she had to paddle, try to keep the boat in frame AND sing and act.
The last take of the shoot was where 5 boys dive off the dock and into the (chilly) lake. We only had one shot at it and they nailed it.
Such a great weekend, I'm on a film set high. But I slept for a full 8 and a half hours last night - between this and New York, I was exhausted. I'm looking forward to my life calming down a bit :)

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