Thursday, 30 May 2013

Vancouver Maritime Museum

This weekend we went and checked out the Vancouver Maritime Museum, near beautiful Kits Beach.
My husband is a little fascinated with ships and shipwrecks. We often watch Sea Hunters, which is hosted by James Delgado, who used to be the head Executive Director of the museum.
They have an exhibit on now called Tattoos and Scrimshaw.

Look at these old tools used for tattooing!
I didn't know that many sailor tattoos have different meanings.
This was the first time I'd heard of Scrimshaw, which is drawings or carvings on whale bones. There are some amazingly detailed pieces on display.
Look at this lovely mast head from the original SS Empress of Japan:
A sailor's life.
I was a little fascinated with this map - Aerial of Vancouver, 1898.
Our admission was 25% off because St. Roch was closed - it was the first ship to circumnavigate North America! We hope to come back when they're done maintenance and check that out. It sounds so cool and it's right here in our fair city.

The clouds were out but it was a windy, lovely day.
I think this is a bunch of people getting ready to take out the Munin Viking Ship.
We continued along Kits Beach to our brunch destination - the Boathouse.
And look, the sun came out!
Another great weekend excursion :)

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