Monday, 20 February 2012


I have been making these magnets for a number of years now. There are a lot of tutorials on the web, and I decided to add one more!

-heavy duty magnets (I got mine at the dollar store, 12 for a buck)
-any type of strong craft glue, just make sure it dries clear
-stickers and other paper that will make fun magnets
-not pictured: small glass pebbles (warning: there are opaque, shiny ones that look like they will work but they won't, they gotta be clear)


First I measure out the magnet by placing it over the paper. I have a lot of sheet music around and I think they make the best looking magnets. I have given many away as gifts:
Dab a bit of glue on to the paper or sticker and squish it down with the glass pebble. I do a bunch all at once and then wait for them to dry:

When dry, cut around the pebble:
Then lay out all your heavy duty magnets and dab a bit of glue on each one. Again, it's easy to do a whole bunch at a time:
Then place the pebble on top of it and squish down:
See how there's glue coming out the side of Cookie Monster? That's ok, it'll dry clear and you can just cut it away or pull it off:
Voila! A whole bunch of super sweet, personalized magnets.

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