Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Loom Visit

Over Christmas I was on the island and I went to the Loom again. Of course I bought an insane amount of yarn, but I had gcs so it was ok, really it was! Ok the best part is that the lady who worked there had to run across the street and get coffee. So she left me alone in the store and I had at least 20 minutes to steal all the yarn and supplies that I wanted! I didn't, of course, because yarn-lovers are all honest, stand-up citizens. A little old lady came in while I was in there by myself and I helped her find the right dye lot for some Cascade 220. There you go, I earned my yarn!

Here are a couple of projects that caught my eye while I was in there: 

Such lovely stuff! I hope to make more wearables in 2012. I bought enough yarn to make a red cardigan...will post pics soon...

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