Sunday, 6 February 2011

Yarn store visit

Last weekend we were on the island (Vancouver Island, that is) visiting the in-laws (my in-laws, that is). We haven't been over to visit in a long time, so it was nice to chillax and visit THE LOOM! The Loom is an amazing old-school yarn shop in WhippleTree Junction, Duncan. I say "old-school" because it doesn't even have a website that I can link to, and the place is what all good yarn stores should be like.

The place is busting with yarn. BUSTING. They have lots of supplies and also many finished items to inspire shoppers. The people who work there are awesome - they help me find stuff, they never pressure me, and they always, always compliment me on the knit or crochet item I'm wearing. 

I took forever looking for some yarn to make the hubby a vest while my poor mother-in-law browsed for a bit, went next door to buy hand made fudge, took the dog out, then waited in the car. I finally got to the counter and the sales lady told me that all yarn was 20% off. ALL yarn was 20% off! Help me Rhonda!

So I went tearing through the store and blindly grabbed as many things as I could! Not really, but I did score a few things. Then I emerged from my yarn-induced coma in search of chocolate mint fudge.

If you're ever in Duncan and you like yarn go check it out, it's awesome. Here's a pic of my haul:

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  1. Beautiful, Jenn!! Why does Duncan have to be a ferry ride away??? I want that yarn store to be here, on the mainland!! :D

    Hey, soon I'll have a couple of the hats I'm crocheting done... I'll then take pictures of them, put them up on FB and tag you in them :D