Saturday, 11 March 2017

NYC Day 3

Good morning NYC! Today we got up and met Julie for some brunch.
Then we walked into town, briskly - so as to generate some body heat!
We saw the matinee performance of Come From Away. We have been hearing so much about this show and it did not disappoint. It's written by Canadians, takes place in Gander, Newfoundland, and was created and workshopped in Toronto. It. Was. Amazing. 100 minutes, no intermission - just pure heart and story and music. Gah we loved it!
These were our seats - first row mezzanine. We paid $47, a good deal because they're partial view seats. A bit of the band was cut off during the show, but they came downstage and played down front, so we got to see everything. I hope this show wins the Best Tony award because man, was it every wonderful.
Back to Amy's house to nap, then out for dinner at a place down the street from her apartment called House of Brews.
They had this awesome beer that we tried, the Schlaffly White Lager.
Then we headed out to our evening show, A Bronx Tale ($65).
It's based on the movie, which we had never seen. A solid story, and there's a little boy who's the protagonist for about the first half of the show. I love seeing kids on stage. Great performances and music my Alan Menken, who is a genius. It reminded us of Hairspray, and we enjoyed it very much. Almost as entertaining were the people sitting around us, who had come in from the Bronx themselves, perhaps. They were very loud, funny, and good natured. A great two-show day in NY.

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