Monday, 17 October 2016

United Way Arts Food Truck Festival

Last week I helped organize a big event on campus, the Arts Food Truck Festival! Last Thursday, if you bought your lunch on campus from one of the food trucks, $1 went to the United Way Campaign.

The event was from 11-2, so we lined up lots of entertainment. Here's a blurry shot of the a cappella group practicing.
And look at this weather forecast - a break from the rain! We crossed our fingers and were rewarded, it didn't rain at all during the festival!
Here we are, all set up outside the UBC bookstore.
The food trucks were behind the stage, in a nice, sectioned-off U shape.
And there is the Alumni Centre, who also donated $1 from each lunch sold to our campaign.
I got my lunch from the Dragon Bowl. And there's our poster on the side of the truck.
Here's a line up of the entertainment.
And look, this is the a cappella group (one of four at UBC) called the Choral Reefs. They were so nice and let me sing one song with them! I did the solo on "If I Ain't Got You" and it was tons of fun.
What a great afternoon, and thank you weather gods, for keeping us in your favour. Hopefully we raised some money for the United Way!

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