Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Goodbye little house

Today we handed in the keys to our little house, that we rented for 7 years!
We have had many parties, gatherings, music lessons, and meetings here, and have had many people stay in our basement: our in-laws, friends, fellow artists; from Toronto to England to New Zealand!
My mom helped us clean. Our kitchen has never looked so nice!
I'll miss the little octagonal windows in our living room. I'll also miss being in a whole house and being able to make lots of noise and music. I played flute for many hours by that corner window.
Here is the big bay window in our bedroom, that I was so happy about when we first moved in. But it made the room so cold! I don't like the cold but the hubbie did.
I'll miss our little garage and the apple trees that grow alongside it. And making apple crumble with those apples. I'll miss seeing my Pa standing at the garage door, storing stuff in there while they moved out of my childhood home.
I'll miss the wild pink roses that grow on the front of the house.
But look, we are almost moved into our new apartment, that isn't new at all, but is the first place we will own! Looking back is hard sometimes, but me and my husband are excited to be looking forward as well!

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