Friday, 26 February 2016

Boxes o' Yarn

Every so often I go on to Craig's List and see if there is yarn for sale. I know I have a lot of yarn, but I want MORE yarn. ALL THE YARN!
Well I found a posting for yarn and fabric. A man had cleaned out his mom's stash and was selling a whole bunch of balls for about 50 cents a piece. The only catch was you had to take the whole box. Um, no problem.
Me and my husband drove out to his place on a rainy, rainy night. We picked up 4 boxes for $80. WHEEEEE!!!
These are only a few shots of the yarn. Mostly acrylics but wow, is there ever a lot of it! 
I'm thinking of starting my own little operation for Handmade Hugs. I discovered them back in 2013 and have been making stuff for them ever since - mostly blankets. I can teach others how to knit and crochet, and we can all make blankets together. I have enough yarn to start me up, now I just need to find the time. 

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