Monday, 5 October 2015

More Portland

We're back in town, but here are some more sights from our Portland trip.

My friend told me about this place - Pine State Biscuits.
Oh boy, it was good. Here's a pic of my biscuit BLT before I snarfed it down. Look at those tomatoes!
Then we went over to the Alberta Arts District to poke around. We found this store, Close Knit:
I didn't get anything, but look at all that yummy yarn.
I loved this - an old library filing system that they use to store their circular needles.
And isn't this a lovely spot for knitting or crocheting?
It was a gorgeous day, so sunny! Great for a walk up an down the main street.
CK had fun in this store called Trade Up. He almost left with a banjo!
And I found another store full of treasures, collagepdx.
Wall of stamps!
And oh look, someone found some more ice cream.
After a bit of a rest, we went back to Powells for more books.
And for dinner, we ended up at Deschutes Brewery, on a friend's recommendation.
Tasting flight! Beer! Mmm!
It was a great little getaway, we'll definitely be back to Portland. 

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