Monday, 27 July 2015

Hairspray - Secret Friend

Often when I do shows, we play a Secret Friend game. You pick a name and receive a sheet that's filled out with your secret friend's favourite things. Then you get them things throughout the run of the show - little things, big things, you can spend money or leave them little pictures and notes. I'll post some pics later about the things I've gotten my secret friend. But LOOK at the cool stuff I've received from my secret friend!

First of all, they come wrapped in my favourite colours, as sticks of Dynamite, since I play one of the Dynamites in the show. So cute!

I got two flavours of yummy tea, and four nail polishes - all in the colours of the wigs I wear during the show!
Dynamite - so cute, right?
Then I got a whole bunch of Coffee Crisps (yay!) and some pampering products: peppermint sugar body scrub and coffee detox scrub cakes. They smelled amazing! It was so nice to pamper myself, I gave myself a home pedicure with the peppermint scrub. I LOVE that my secret friend is crafty, since these were obviously home made. Yayyyyy for crafty secret friends!

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