Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Tower Beach

Last week I ventured over to Trail 3 but I didn't go down to the beach. Well I went back the next day to tackle it, and wow, what a view!
The trail leads to Tower Beach, which connects with Wreck Beach, the infamous clothing optional beach. I was just on my lunch break so I kept my clothes on!
The tide was out, the sun was shining, oh boy, was it ever gorgeous!
And it was fairly quiet too. Most people are over at Wreck, where there is more sand. Here there is a lot of rocks and logs.
You can see one of the old lookout towers in this pic, now covered with graffiti.
I took a few moments to snaps some pictures and then psych myself up for the climb. I powered through, and reached the top as a sweaty, heaving mess. I forgot to count how many steps there were. It's a nice little cardio workout in the middle of the day. My calves were aching for days later!

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  1. The beaches are gorgeous on the west coast. We are planning our next trip (soon) and look forward to seeing the beaches, lagoons, and ocean once again.