Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Theatre bits

One show is always closing but not to worry, there's another one opening! This time it's Side by Side by Sondheim. It's a review of Sondheim's work and the cast is 5 gals and 1 guy. I'm not really in it, my friend Cathy is. But she has to leave town for auditions and can't do the show one weekend. So they asked me to do two shows while she is away. I said yes because A) I love Sondheim; B) I was glad to help out, and C) I did this show almost 8 years ago, so the songs are still floating around in my head, sort of. The bad news is that I don't have a much time as I thought I did - since I'm on for opening night, which is this Friday! It's gonna be a whirlwind of a good time - check us out if you're around, we're playing at the Coast Capital Playhouse in White Rock.

Here's a shot of the other gals in the show, doing "You Could Drive a Person Crazy" from Company:
And here's one of the many things you find backstage - random theatre bits!

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