Friday, 13 February 2015

5th Year of Magee Market Fair

Tonight is the Magee Market Fair 2015 and I'm excited! This is my 5th year participating as a vendor at the market fair, time sure flies! I like how it benefits the Magee Music Society, and they get a lot of the kids involved. The students call me to remind me about booking a table, and they help me bring in my wares from the car. They also hand out free coffee to the vendors, and there are so many student performances throughout the night. I've had some fun over the years:

2011 was my first year and I had a TON of stock. It was also the year I made Angry Birds, and they sold like hot cakes.

In 2012 I had a table next to Oh Hello Rabbit, so it was nice to have a selling buddy. I started making more desserts like donuts and cupcakes, and also sold some little magnets.
In 2013 I packaged items up and sold them as little sets. They didn't do as well I thought - I think the price point of the market is lower so I thin people wanted individual items. It was also the year I introduced yarn flower pins: $2 each of one free with every purchase!
In 2014 I made a lot of items on my loom, since I had just learned how to use it. I'm still obsessed with it, so there will be a lot more loom-knit items on my table. I also had a table next to my sister, who sold purse organizers. And my friend Linda loaned me her mannequin, which is such a nice display.
And that takes us to this year, 2015! I'll have an update for you on Monday. But I already know it's going to be fun. My helper and top sales-lady Allison will be with me again. We're hanging out in a high school gym on a Friday night, then going for pizza. We're teenagers!

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