Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Vintage Yarn

My dear friend Colleen is downsizing her house and getting rid of her yarn stash. She's been telling me about this yarn haul, and we finally had a chance to meet up for the yarn pass-off. Just LOOk at this haul!
Vintage yarn that she tells me she hasn't touched in years.
What to make? So many possibilities!
And look, she also included a pile of magazine books and patterns. I love old school patterns, I find them way easier to understand.
She put in a couple of UFOs, like this thick wool sweater. Or maybe it's a vest?
And look at this project.
She started it maybe 20 years ago and joked that I should finish it. I was eager to complete it but then I saw the pattern - it's WAY to hard for me! Well maybe not. But my gosh, look at that detail.
Her intarsia stitches are perfect! I should take a crack at finishing it because it would be a freakin' masterpiece!

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