Monday, 3 November 2014

New library card

I love the library, I really do! But I have a confession: I have been using my hubby's card for the last 9 years. I racked up fines on my own card - but I can explain! My car was broken into many years ago (9, to be exact), and the thieves stole a bag with two library books in it. I didn't want to pay the high fines for the missing books, so I just kept using my husband's card. He has checked out a lot of craft and romance books over the years (yes, I read romance books!)

This weekend I decided to be an adult and get my own card. The supervisor at the branch even lowered my fines when I explained that the books had been stolen. I paid $25 in fines, $2 for the new card, and look, my own account!
I got two craft magazines:
And this audio book of short stories by Edgar Allen Poe.
I feel so grown up now!


  1. Wow, you have to pay for the library card, ours are free. Good for you for owning up to the missing books, even though it wasn't your fault they were missing.

  2. Ours are free too! But if you lose your card and need a replacement, it's 2 bucks. I know, feels nice to finally own up to it!