Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Rock n Roll Half Marathon

No, I did not run a half marathon. But my sister Annabelle did! I signed up to volunteer at the event so I could meet her at the finish line. But ugh, I had to get up at 5am! This is what my street looks like at that ungodly hour.
The volunteers got on a trolley and were then shipped down to the finish line.
First task of the day, unwrapping and organizing the medals. White and blue for the 10K runners, green and blue for the half marathon runners.
After organizing some post-race snacks, one of the organizers poached me to stand at the finish line and be the official time keeper. Along with a few others, I got to record the top 10 (or so) runners and their times for both races.
I caught this action shot of Paul Kimugal, who finished the half marathon first - 1 hour and 4 minutes!!
And here is Rachel Cliff, who was the first female to finish the half marathon, in 1 hour and 15 minutes.
And here is my sister crossing the line!!
She did great! She said she had some toe issues on the last 5 km, but she's all done!
Noah and Leyna came out to cheer her on.
Check out that pace and finish time, yay go Anna!
And look, here's a pic of me with her medal on! I win for having survived a 5am wake up time!!

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