Thursday, 11 September 2014

More - you guessed it - Zumba!

I did some Zumba on the weekend. Shocking, I know! I do so love Zumba. I signed up for a Saturday morning class that goes until the end of October. I love the nice big room at this community centre - plus the teacher is super fun!

I also signed up for a Social Shopper deal some time ago. It's through a place called Danza Fitness. They run classes out of a dance studio called Boogaloo. It's nice and close to my house. They offer classes 3 times a week, but I can usually only make the Sunday class because of my busy weekly schedule. It's so hot and small in their studio, and the classes are always really, really full. It's great that it's popular, but it's not so fun being packed in with a bunch of sweaty people. The instructors are amazing though, I sweat like crazy in these classes!

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