Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Paint Night

The other night me and my sisters had a girls outing last week - Paint night! We bought a Groupon deal that lets you paint for two hours at a restaurant. They provide all the supplies and the instruction. Here's the inspiration painting: "Rainy Street."
There were quite a few participants, mostly seated around a big long table. Here I am with my supplies, ready to go - oh, and a mojito for further inspiration!
A blank canvas.
We started with a colour wash. Hard to imagine this is on its way to becoming "art."
Starting to take shape. I should have made my red area bigger but ah well.
Really starting to take shape. I like the little lights from the boats on water.
Added more definition, the pathway, and some lovely trees.
Ta-da, my finished masterpiece!
Here are some candid shots of my sisters:

And here we all are, with our paintings!
It was great fun, we're already looking for another event we can all attend!

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