Friday, 18 July 2014

Writing Class

This week I was off on vacation. It was a stay-cation, since I couldn't get away. And I even drove up to UBC every day! But not to go to work - instead, I signed up for a week-long writing class through Continuing Ed. UBC is so great and they give us tuition credits to take classes for free, but I have never been able to take advantage of this benefit. So I decided, what the heck, and booked a week of vacation to take the class. It was called "The Craft of Creative Writing" and was basically a crash course in several different writing styles: poetry, auto-biography, fiction and more. It was a diverse group of people and the teacher was really nice. It was only 3 hours each morning, so I was able to other things, like the workshop production of The Black House and the Blue Sky. But I really wanted to just sit and write, so this class was perfect! Some of the ideas and stories I have floating in my head made it on to paper, so I'll keep chiseling away. Talk about a busy week - busy and awesome  :)

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