Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Ode to Amy

Let me tell you about our awesome friend Amy. She made an appearance in this blog post from last summer. We met her last year when we did "How to Succeed" at TUTS. Well now Amy lives in New York - 2 blocks from Times Square! - and she let us stay with her on our visit.

She had to travel while we were there, so she left us to our own devices. But we managed to get in a dinner, a drink and a breakfast before she left.
Her apartment is in a lovely building that (thankfully) had an elevator. It was only out of service a few times, so we had to walk down twice and walk up to her floor only once. Look at this lovely old letter box:
CK waiting for the elevator:
She's right across the street from the Gershwin Theatre, where "Wicked" has been playing for 10 years!
How cool is this - a poster signed by the cast!
Isn't her pad lovely?? It suited us perfect. So central and close to everything, that we only took the subway once when we were getting into the city. We could walk everywhere.
Hello hubby!
Amy has a mystery plant growing, which started sprouting just before we left.
We are SO grateful to Amy!

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