Monday, 10 February 2014

Magee 2014 Wrap up

Last Friday was Magee Market Fair 2014, and it was a blast, as always!
Here's my table, ready to go. I made a bunch of cowl/scarves on the loom, and Linda let me borrow her mannequin ("Evelyn") to use at my display.
A closer shot of my goods:
And here is my sister's table beside me:
She sews purse organizers! They have a bunch of pockets for your gum, water, hand lotion, etc. They fold up and you can move them from purse to purse.
See? So your things aren't bumping around at the bottom of your bag:
Linda made a couple of collages of the night. There we are in the top left corner.
It was a great night, as always. 

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