Thursday, 2 January 2014

Rise of the loom

UPDATE: Click here for the link to the free loom-knit headband pattern. 

A couple of gals in The King and I have been knitting on the loom. I had never tried it before but the finished items looked so gorgeous, I just had to give it a try. So I bought the single blue loom, and started making stuff. I needed help getting going, but once I got the hang of it, well I just couldn't stop.
Items made from bulky yarn look the best.
This red cowl is made with two strands of fuzzy yarn held together.
It eats up yarn SO quickly - I used some leftover scraps to make some headbands (modelled by my sister).
Look, my husband wanted to give it a try!
And here he is modelling another neck scarf that is awaiting buttons - he's looking quite smug, isn't he?

If you haven't tried loom knitting, have a go! It's very easy and SUPER quick! I hope to use up a lot of my yarn stash - the problem is I keep buying more because of all the projects I want to try knitting. I bought the circle loom set from Michaels with a Boxing Day coupon - will post about that, and more adventures in loom knitting - soon. 


  1. did you do the headbands on the loom and if so do you have a pattern for them.

  2. Hi Bj Jolley! Yes I did do the headbands on the loom. I don't have a pattern for them but will write one up, hopefully tomorrow. It's super easy! Do you knit on the loom? Don't you just love it? :)