Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Do you think I have a problem?

You know how I started knitting on the loom last month? Well I have been going non-stop! I call it the yarn eater, it's eating up my yarn stash lickety split. So I had to buy more yarn, tee hee hee! I made a lot of things for my family, it was like Christmas all over again!

Short green neck warmer for my dad. Made with two strands of worsted weight yarn in two different chases of green:
Purple/pink long wrap, modelled by my niece. Made with one strand of worsted acrylic and one strand of wool that has been sitting in my stash pile for ages:
Small fuzzy scarf with flower for my wee niece. Note she is holding the ballerina doll I made a couple years back:
Thick cream scarf/wrap for my eldest sis made from 1.5 skeins of lion brand thick & quick acrylic/wool. She's going to search for buttons to finish this off:
Fuzzy wuzzy scarf/wrap for my other sis (lion brand Homespun bulky):
Black scarf/wrap (lion brand t&q again). My older niece ended up taking this one.
Scarf/wrap (you guessed it, lion brand t&q again) in charcoal grey, with black buttons. This one is for my mom.
And finally - blue fuzzy infinity scarf for my other sis. I have a lot of sisters!
I can't tell you how much I am enjoying knitting on the loom. It is so fast and takes no time to complete an entire scarf. I used to have a problem knitting long things like scarves and wraps, but not with the loom. It's so fast and I just love how it uses up all my yarn. I bought the circular loom set and have made some slipper socks, but they are a bit too big. But no worry, I will just continue to experiment. YAY loom knitting!

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