Monday, 25 November 2013

Pile o' blankies

Here is my latest creation for Handmade Hugs - another granny square blanket. I started this all the way back in the summer when I was rehearsing for How to Succeed, and finished it this week, while in rehearsal for the King and I. All these theatre shows are good for crocheting!
These turkeys watched intently while I wove in all the ends. They also asked me questions non-stop. 
It's amazing I got it finished with these hooligans around me!
And here is my pile o' blankies ready to travel to the island. There are two lap blankets, one spiderman-coloured kid's blanket, and the latest granny square blanket. My dear friend is taking them over to the island so they can be at Handmade Hugs in time for their Christmas Deck the Hall event.
I'm just about out of yarn from HH, so I'll have to pick up more and start the process all over again :)

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  1. your blankets will be a welcome addition to Handmade Hugs ... great job.