Friday, 17 May 2013

Vancouver Police Museum

Last weekend we checked out the Vancouver Police Museum. We love histories and mysteries, so we were pretty excited to play tourist in our own town. It was super cool!
Here's CK checking out some weaponry.
The coroner's tables! I'm not gonna lie - I was scared of this room!
Display case about the murder of Ester Castellani, by her husband Rene:
Display case about the Babes in the Woods case:
Ahhh! Autopsy tables!
Info about Errol Flynn, who died in Vancouver whose autopsy was performed in that very room.
Mug shot wall. I measured myself and am a whole inch taller than I though. I've been selling myself short at 5'4" but I'm really 5'5" (probably because of my shoes :P).
It was a very cool visit. There was a little boy's birthday party in there that afternoon - how cool! The kids can look at the display cases and fingerprints and try to solve the case. How fun would that be?!

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