Thursday, 18 April 2013

Key chains

I've been wanting to do a craft with Mod Podge dimensional magic for some time. I found these metal thingies at a craft store last fall, and decided they would make nice key chains. Here's a quick tutorial.

Find some fun paper and trace out a circle. I found that a loonie perfectly.

I LOVE this product: Mod Podge dimensional magic. It's so easy to use and finishes so nicely. Just place your piece of paper into the metal do-dad. Taking care in not shaking the Mod Podge, cover the entire surface with a nice, even layer. Shaking makes bubbles and we do not want bubbles.

But look! A bubble! Grrrr. If this happens, take a thumbtack and...

Carefully pop the air bubble.
(Note: The paper pattern has changed because I liked this one better. It's a dog sitting in a chair! Ha!)

Let it dry completely on a flat surface. I popped mine on the windowsill and left it over night.
I applied another layer of 3-D Mod Podge to give it more dimension, then let it dry again.

Attach a large, heavy duty jump ring to a chain and it's done!

It matches the terra cotta dish I made perfectly - I think it'll make a nice gift.
Here are a couple more dishes and key chains that I made, with a travel theme:

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