Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Container gardening

Ok there hasn't been a lot of crocheting or knitting going on. What can I say, it's summer! The weather 'round my parts has been touch and go, but we did have a few sunny days here and there. I took advantage of the sun and got my mom to help me set up some container gardening!

Here we are at the nursery:
 Plants! There's thyme, basil, tomato plants, mint, and strawberries in the mix:
 My mom, helping me out (i.e., doing it for me!):
 And here it is my garden!
We had leftover tomato plans, so they're in the little pot. I hope to post lots of pictures of the harvest - we just need some consistent sun!!

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  1. Good luck with your containers. Even though I have lots of garden space I still grow lots of veggies in containers, so much easier for me to manage.