Friday, 11 March 2011

Freebie Friday!

Here's a simple pattern I want to share. I intend for this to be a dog blanket, but it can also be a small baby blanket. It's nothing fancy, and I don't claim to have made up the pattern - it's more like a little recipe I whipped up, which I'm sure has been done before. In any case, here goes:

Chunky Dog Blanket
Yarn: Marble Chunky (Bulky/12 ply)
Needles: Size 11 circulars
3 stitch markers
pm = place marker
sm = slip marker

Cast on 60 stitches
Knit 5 rows in garter stitch (knit every row)
K 5, pm, K 25, pm, P 25, pm, K 5
K 5, sm, K 25, sm, P 25, sm, k 5
     Repeat this row for 30 rows or whatever gets you a square
K 5, sm, P 25, sm, K to end (25 st, plus 5 border sts)
     Repeat for 30 rows or whatever gets you a square
Knit 5 rows
Bind off in garter st
Block and give. Or keep. That's it!
Cast on:

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