Friday, 21 January 2011

Hmmm not sure about this

You know, everyone is wearing these awesome slouchy hats these days and looking, well awesome. "Hey," thought I, "I knit - I should make myself one." Or two. Or three.

I found some chunky yarn on sale at Michael's and bought a couple of balls because there is absolutely no yarn in my house whatsoever, no siree. I started with Ysolda's Icing Swirl Hat and it ended up being too big. I mean, HUGE - like, so embarrassingly huge that I couldn't take a picture of it for fear the anonymous blog-reading world would judge me. I went down two whole needle sizes and came out with this: 

I dunno, not sure if it suits me. So after knitting this hat twice, I found another pattern and tried again. More on that tomorrow. Right now, I have to sleep. (Ooooh what will the next attempt look like? Tune in tomorrow to find out!)

PS - Do I really look that goofy? I guess so :S

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