Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Ashland to San Fran

We work up in Ashland and said bye bye to our little motel, that we were barely in for 12 hours.
We explored the city for a little bit, it's a very cute theatre town!
We did a bit of walking and shopping, and I bought some new double pointed knitting needles.
We walked through a little market before settling in for brunch.
Then explored a bit more of the town, including this fountain that had natural minerals in the water.
Here is the outdoor stage outside of the Ashland theatre, two young thespians were rehearsing lines.
And here is the outdoor seating area, which was quite empty since a matinee was happening.
Then we hit the road again. Crossed over into California, after passing Mount Shasta.
We arrived at my friends Simone and Sean's place, where I bestowed gifts on their children, so they would be nice to me for the week.
They made a little angry birds set up and then called me in to watch them knock it down. Quite fun!

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