Monday, 13 February 2017

Inner Beauty Pageant

This past weekend was a Family Day in BC - long weekends rule!
I had the pleasure of judging the Inner Beauty Pageant for Too Fly Productions. This is the same company that produced Little Miss Glitz last year, and it's a fundraiser for their upcoming show, Robin Hood: Prince of Tease.
There was a TON of talent, from the contestants and all the other acts that performed during the night.
It was held at the Junction on Davie Street, and it was their second annual pageant.
It was SO much fun! And my friend Mike came and it was his birthday! So I got to celebrate with him.
Here are all 6 contestants.
And here's the winner, Matthew!
Here are the judges: me, David and Barb. What a fun night, thanks for having me, Too Fly!

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