Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Glitz Closing

Glitz has closed! Like all shows, I was sad to see this one go. It was such a fun concept and a really awesome cast. We had a new winner every night - here's a shot of me and my on-stage daughter, taking home first prize. LOOK at that monster trophy!
Here's Tiana, isn't she cute? She was in The King and I with me at Gateway a few years ago, and she has grown into such a lovely young lady.
Here we are in our "talent" costume, which we did to Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball. She straddled a yoga ball and I was - um, the chain, I guess? Or a speed skater??
Look at what our producers made for us, some feel better tea.
Here's a shot I took on-stage with my iPhone, of Ben and Paige, and the amazing glitzy backdrop.
And here is Ben. He really likes jackets so I made him a pin that said "I Like Jackets." The people at the store looked at me funny and then had to agree - we all like jackets!
Goodnight, Little Miss Glitz, it's been so much fun!

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