Thursday, 26 November 2015

Purple hats

I got another donation from my dear friend Colleen, who gave me some vintage yarn earlier this year. This time she dropped off a bag of stuffing, both polyfill and quilt batting, that I can always find uses for. She asked for a purple hat in return: something warm, to cover her ears, so that she could wear it during an upcoming trip to Toronto. She can't wear wool against her skin, so I found some purple acrylic yarn, and whipped up not one, but TWO hats for her.
I knit her this newsboy hat, that I love to make. I did one extra repeat of the cable pattern, so it's nice and pouffy in the back.
Then I crocheted her a bucket hat, that I had pinned on Pinterest a long time ago. I didn't use this pattern because I had the wrong size hook and yarn. But I love how the button looked, and the shape of the hat overall.
I hope Colleen like them and she stays warm in Toronto!

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