Friday, 9 October 2015

Purple Hats

My friend Cailin told me about this initiative, from the London Health Sciences Centre in Ontario. So I grabbed some purple yarn from my stash and started crafting!
I made 10 hats all together. They were so quick and easy, since they're small for newborn babies.
I tried knitting some, but knitting takes me so much longer than crocheting. I did 3 in a crochet style that look like it's knitting (up there on the right hand side).
And I did two, with double strands of yarn, on my small knitting loom (up there on the top). The article said not to put on any straps, pompoms, or other embellishments that might be choking hazards. I hope the bow and flower I put on these two hats don't cause trouble - I made sure to sew them down completely.
So there you go, 10 hats for wee newborns. I will send them off before the October 31 deadline and maybe make a few more to add to the pile.

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