Monday, 23 March 2015


We got a Keurig machine at work! I am SO thrilled! And before you roll your eyes and tell me it's bad for the environment - I know! So I did a lot, A LOT, of research, and found out that you cannot recycle the little K cup on its own. BUT if you break down the components, you can recycle them like normal.

So about twice a day, I gather all the cups me and my work mates have used, separate the tin foil cover, put the coffee grounds in the compost, rinse out the cup and recycle the plastic. I truly was amazed at how easy it was, since Keurig gets a lot of flack for not being sustainable. It takes a teenie, tiny bit of extra work, but I'm happy to do it, so that I can have coffee sat the touch of a button. I can clean and recycle about 5 cups in the time it takes my bread to toast in the morning. Win-win-win!

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